Dad's Testimonies

Dad's Testimonies

Sunday, November 6, 2016



Welcome to Dad's Testimonies!

This is a blog or a journal, so to speak, about my story, my testimony. If certain people read this it could offend them; so I will leave names out to protect their identities. If anybody that knows me and reads this, please do not let the protected identities be known.

I am a saved and forgiven Christian. This is my story of how I reached that destination. I feel God is leading me to tell my story. I am not one to draw attention to myself or want any kind of recognition. I am not one to speak in front of crowds, but in order to reach people and share your testimony, you have to speak up; so this my way of doing that.

My goal here is to reach people and hopefully they can see how you can overcome tough situations. How God can take you out of any situation if you listen to him. If people become their parents or adapt to their surroundings than I should have never been saved, and I wouldn't have the family I have now. I would be an addict, an alcoholic, or in jail, prison, or a rehab.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't come from a horrible family. I love my family, we all have just made bad decisions and our choices were probably for the wrong reasons. Anybody who sins never thinks that their decisions are hurting others, and my family was the same way. But they do...

So... I hope you will stick around and subscribe to my blog to read my stories. These will be personal and hard for me to write, but I hope they will help someone.

I am hoping my readers will share with me, too. Let me know if something has touched you, or even if you have a disagreement with me. I want to hear all your thoughts.

Thank you!

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